Our Services


The International humanitarian City facilitates and coordinates collective action with all IHC members for an efficient emergency response to a growing number of crises across the world.

It also provides selected airlifts free of charge to transport aid and evacuate staff members from danger zones, securing an evacuation center to host them.

Latest dispatch of aid

Papua New Guinea 1 airlift 2 April 2018
Mali 1 airlift 4 March 2018
Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict 1 airlift to Angola 13 February 2018
Rohingya Crisis 13 airlifts to Bangladesh Open Air Bridge since October 2017
Kermanshah Earthquake 1 airlift to Iran-Iraq border 16 November 2017
Sierra Leone Mudslides 1 airlift to Sierra Leone 4 October 2017
Irma Hurricane 1 airlift to Haiti 6 September 2017
Iraq, Niger, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia, and Mozambique Sea shipments of 159 containers September 2017
Iraq Conflict 1 airlift 20 July 2017
Somalia Drought Sea shipment of 28 containers July 2017
South Sudan Conflict 2 airlifts to Uganda 4 and 22 May 2017
Enawo Hurricane 1 airlift to Madagascar 12 March 2017