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The International humanitarian City facilitates and coordinates collective action with all IHC members for an efficient emergency response to a growing number of crises across the world.

It also provides selected airlifts free of charge to transport aid and evacuate staff members from danger zones, securing an evacuation center to host them.

Latest dispatch of aid

Country Type of Emergency Shipments Dates
Egypt (Arish) Conflict/Gaza Emergency 6 flights 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25-Oct-23
Lebanon Conflict/Preparedness 2 flights 15-Oct-23
Libya Floods 3 flights 16, 19 Sept and 6-Oct-23
Egypt (Aswan) Conflict in Sudan 1 flight 3-Jun-23
Chad Conflict in Sudan 2 flights 8, 9-May-23
Syria Earthquake 1 flight 5-Mar-23
Turkiye Earthquake 1 flight 25-Feb-23
Syria Earthquake 1 flight 20-Feb-23
Turkiye Earthquake 8 flights via Emirates 11 to 15-Feb-23
Syria Earthquake 1 flight 11-Feb-23
Turkiye Earthquake 1 flight 8-Feb-23
Somalia Conflict – twin bombing 1 flight 8-Nov-22
Pakistan Floods 12 flights via Emirates 7 to 10 Sept-22
Pakistan Floods 24 flights 5 to 16 Sept-22
Sudan Floods 2 flights 7, 8 Sept-22
Libya Critical shotages of life saving health supplies 1 flight 6-Sep-22
Afghanistan Earthquake – Cholera 1 flight 28-Jun-22
Poland Conflict in Ukraine 2 flights 16-Mar-22
Sudan Critical shortage of essential medicines 1 flights 24-Oct-21
Sudan Influx and floods 1 flight 13-Sep-21
Ethiopia Cholera outbreak 1 flight 10-Sep-21
Rwanda Volcano in Congo 1 flight 13-Jun-21
Bangladesh Diarrhea Outbreak 1 flight 18-May-21
India COVID-19 6 flights via Emirates 13 to 28-May-21
Sudan Influx 2 flights 28-Feb and 1-Mar-21
Sudan Influx 4 fligths 27, 30-Nov and 2, 3-Dec-20
Sudan Floods 3 flights 10, 11, 13 Oct-20
Sudan Floods 1 flight 4-Sep-20
Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar – Monsoon 1 flight 27-Aug-20
Beirut Explosion 3 flights 5, 11, 21 August 2020
Iran, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic COVID-19 4 flights 2-Mar till 12-Jul-20
Tirana- Albania Earthquake 2 flights 6, 9-Dec-19
Bangladesh Malnutrition Activity 1 sea shipment 15-Nov-19
Niger Malnutrition Activity 1 sea shipment 15-Nov-19
Nigeria Malnutrition Activity 1 sea shipment 10-Nov-19
Zimbabwe for Mozambique  Idai Cyclone 2 flights 31-Mar and 9-Apr-19
Mozambique Idai Cyclone 6 flights 19, 26, 27, 28 Mar and 8 Apr-19
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