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Flash Media Studio

Developed and promoted by IHC, the Flash Studio project is configured within the framework of programmes and activities supporting a healthy approach to cooperation, capacity building, and information sharing amongst IHC, members and other humanitarian organisations on a general level.

The Flash Studio came to life with the aim to communicate “stories from the field”, facilitate the dissemination of information and implement awareness, related to the humanitarian actions performed by IHC and its members, amongst the general audience, media outlets, and relevant decision makers within the UN network and international players.

It consists of a set of technology tools made available by IHC to different end-users, such as UN agencies, NGOs and other international organisations that are members of IHC. The service is provided at no charge, allowing the humanitarian community to broadcast and live-stream audio/video material collected directly on the territory of interest, for example as soon as a natural or human-made disaster strikes. It also allows them to share the content with any “receiving hub” across the globe, including media outlets.

The Flash Studio project covers two typologies of equipment sets:

a) Fly Away Kits: media toolkits destined to be used mainly in the field. Easily carried by the operator, guaranteeing efficient connectivity, enabling transfer of audio/video material to any receiving IP in the world.

b) Mobile Flash Studio: media toolkit travelling on wheels (entire kit composed by tech equipment & vehicle), mainly located in the UAE, but ready to be transferred to countries of interest to guarantee media coverage in hardly reachable areas.

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