IHC and UOWD announce “IHC scholarship in Master of International Relations”

The University of Wollongong Dubai (UOWD) in cooperation with the International Humanitarian City in Dubai (IHC) announced today the “IHC scholarship in the Master of International Relations (MIR)” for UAE nationals.

The annual scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student interested in humanitarian action and in promoting the UAE’s vision of International Humanitarian Cooperation.

Professor Mohamed Salem, President, UOWD said: “As one of the longest serving international universities in the UAE, UOWD is committed to supporting the national priorities of the country, and to shaping the human resource competencies that are so critical in producing the next generation of leaders.

Our partnership with IHC recognizes the challenges that the world’s humanitarian and charitable organizations face today in the context of global contingencies and crises. In this context, UOWD is pleased to introduce the fully funded IHC scholarship in the field of International relations.

Through the IHC scholarship, talented UAE nationals enrolled in UOWD Master of International Relations program, will gain the necessary skills needed in the growing field of International Relations as well as in-depth understanding of complex and inter-connected global issues such as poverty and climate change”.

Giuseppe Saba, CEO of IHC said: “We are extremely proud to announce the IHC scholarship in the Master of International Relations (MIR) in partnership with University of Wollongong Dubai. This scholarship is one of many positive outcomes of our partnership with UOWD and aims to further enhance the leading role of UAE in the felid of humanitarian aid and development, by empowering UAE nationals with knowledge tools and capacity building opportunities”.

The IHC MIR Scholarship aims to offer in-depth understanding of the relations between nations and regions across areas such as globalization, diplomacy, economics, international law, labor migration, culture, media, environment, and security within the context of the humanitarian work.

Applications for the IHC Scholarship will be received during the Month of May 2021, while the evaluation period will start by 1st of June. The winner of the scholarship will be announced end of June 2021.

More details about the “IHC Scholarship” and its application process can be found on IHC’s website. www.ihc.ae/ihcscholarship

Last year, the International Humanitarian City, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Wollongong in Dubai, allowing both entities to work collaboratively to promote and mutually strengthen engagement for the humanitarian work given the ever-changing needs of the sector from both an academic and field perspectives.

The partnership between IHC and UOWD aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and raise awareness about important global humanitarian issues as well as the humanitarian work of the UAE through IHC, the largest humanitarian hub in the world.