Dubai’s International Humanitarian City air-bridge continued today by airlifting additional aid to assist the Lebanese population.

Two Emirates SkyCargo aircrafts, chartered by IHC, left Dubai International airport today, the first 07:30am and second 03:00pm Dubai time, carrying approx. 30 metric tons of aid, with approximately 12 tons of medical supplies from the World Health Organisation (WHO), and 18Mt of hygiene kits from the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC).

IHC CEO Giuseppe Saba said: “We will continue to support the relief efforts of our humanitarian community in order to ensure proper assistance to the Lebanese population affected by the recent blast and Covid-19 exposure. These flights represent also a combination of efforts between IHC and Emirates SkyCargo which is facilitating this transport and proves Dubai’s values in supporting relief efforts for our brothers and sisters in need.”

Robert Blanchard from WHO’s logistics hub in Dubai said: Responding to the blast in Beirut that claimed at least 178 lives and left over 6,000 injured, the World Health Organization is sending additional medical supplies to support the treatment of injured and the protection of health care workers. The 11.5 tons of medical supplies, which went in the first flight, include Trauma and Surgical Supply kits donated by the Russian Government as well as 576,000 surgical masks and hand sanitizer to protect health care workers from COVID-19.

He added: “Today’s flight is the 3rd Charter flight carrying WHO medical supplies to Beirut. WHO is committed to supporting the people of Beirut and the international community in responding to and recovering from the devastating impact of the blast.”

In the second flight, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has dispatched nearly 65 cubic meters of Hygiene parcels weighted 18 tons from its Global Logistics Hub in Dubai, with the support from the International Humanitarian City and Dubai Government.

Ilir Caushaj Head of Global Fleet and Logistics Hub in Dubai said: “The hygiene parcels will provide essential assistance and support to some 2,000 families affected by Beirut port explosions.”

The IFRC is working closely with the Lebanese Red Cross to ensure additional COVID-19 prevention measures are in place for the long run, as aid workers continue working around the clock to support thousands of people who lost their homes by the disaster with medical treatment, shelter and psychological support.