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Kitting Centre

IHC semi-automated Kitting Centre

IHC launched in 2020 its semi-automated kitting centre, in a joint partnership between IHC and WHO. this semi-automated Kitting Centre has been set up for humanitarian organization members of IHC to assemble their emergency and relief kits to be delivered in need to the countries around the world.

DNATA contributed with handling equipment to facilitate cargo movement within the premises. And IHC contracted a third-party service provider based on competition Kuehne and Nagel, for the full management of the kiting centre including its maintenance.

The Kitting Centre is fitted with a system working on a synergy of powered roller infeed conveyors, diverters, carton flow racks and pallet conveyors. The system allows to operate diverters separately and can be switched to manual. Each diverter accommodates 4 stations, allowing 4 teams to work simultaneously. The system is also equipped with gravity rollers contributing to energy savings.

By providing members with a kitting facility, we will ultimately move emergency response towards being just-in-time, reduce storage space, eliminates preparation time, increasing efficiency and reducing time and cost of assembly options.

If you would like to book the Kitting Centre send in your request through or call +971 4 577 6308, +971 4 368 0202
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