Under the direction of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and as of today, 14 flights using both Boeing 747 and C130 aircrafts, have made trips from Dubai to Marka Airport in Amman since last Monday, bringing the cost of the total operation to over Dhs 13m (US$ 3,730,000).

UNWRA distribution centres are receiving aid on the ground from the airlift out of Dubai’s International Humanitarian City. In addition to the aid that has already reached Gaza, 20 trucks from Dubai IHC will enter Gaza tomorrow with 60 more that are loaded and waiting for permission to enter. Once they reach Gaza, goods will be unloaded and distributed at UNWRA centres for the displaced and at medical facilities.

The trucks are carrying blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, and medical supplies including disinfectants, antibiotics and painkillers for use in Gaza’s hospitals and emergency triage centres. Medical conditions are especially critical and WHO has called for a humanitarian corridor to evacuate the seriously wounded from Gaza.

While there have been delays of up to 6 hours at the border, there have been no interruptions or incidents and UN officials have maintained pressure on the Israeli authorities to expedite the deliveries and keep the borders open for all humanitarian aid. Under normal circumstances, borders are closed on religious holidays. The United Nations has requested that border crossings stay open and high level discussions continue to keep them open during Eid for humanitarian aid.