Life for Relief and Development in partnership with Zakat Foundation implemented a project to provide emergency humanitarian aid to Syrian refugee families living in camps in Al-Mafraq and Al-Ramtha which are located near the Syrian-Jordanian borders.
Life Jordan staff made a survey of the Syrian refugees and determined that 570 families were in urgent need of emergency relief items as they had just recently arrived in Jordan and some of the families were sleeping under the open sky. Life Jordan staff found that some newly arrived families required gas stoves (3 burners) with fuel, kitchen utensils, many required mattresses, pillows, blankets, food, and hygiene materials. Life arranged the distribution of these items in the camps to over 570 Syrian refugee families that newly arrived in Jordan.
The refugees were very happy to receive the items which helped to ease their suffering and oppression as a result of being forced to leave their country and are now burdened with living without the warmth of a home or the luxury of a bed and other household items. Syrian refugees are in need of continuous help from relief organizations for the months to come, especially to provide winter supplies like blankets, clothing and food items.