Experts Focus On Innovation To Support Disaster Relief Efforts

Experts from the Airbus Foundation, International Humanitarian City (IHC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) called for innovative partnerships and closer cooperation between NGOs, the public and private sector during a briefing at the Dubai Airshow. Furthermore, they highlighted the important role innovative technologies and services can play in humanitarian relief missions.

At the panel discussion, participants were briefed on how satellite imagery and analysis, versatile aircraft and helicopters could assist relief efforts. The discussion was followed by a visit to an A400M to get an inside view of the advantages this transport aircraft will bring to relief organisations in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian disasters.

“The Airbus Foundation offers products and services that can assist at every stage of a humanitarian crisis,” said Andrea Debbane, Executive Director of the Airbus Foundation. “Through the powerful partnerships that we have created within the humanitarian community, we are going to work to ensure innovations in our core technologies are implemented within the humanitarian sector. We are also discussing the importance of new and emerging technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and smart sensors for the humanitarian community.”

“The IFRC aims to respond to disasters as rapidly and effectively as possible, by mobilizing its resources and using its network,” said Ilir Caushaj, Head of Global Logistics Service Dubai at the IFRC. “Technologies such as satellite imagery can help us in assessing the situation on the ground quickly in order to deliver relief effectively. The innovative resources provided by the Airbus Foundation are of great value to the work of the IFRC.”

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