The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR, in cooperation with the International Humanitarian City in Dubai (IHC) today held a first of its kind networking meeting which gathered national humanitarian organizations and NGO’s, and their international counterparts in the UAE in an effort to promote dialogue, cooperation and partnerships.

The United Nations Refugee Agency capitalized on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, which was celebrated on the 14th of last December, to initiate this bridge-building meeting between UN agencies and the local partners which are instrumental to their success. The meeting also comes to laud the leading support that the UAE has been contributing to UN agencies as a donor and host country.

“One of the United Nation’s pivotal roles is building partnerships and strengthening the capacity of its local partners, towards achieving the core objectives that unite us as humanitarians and aid workers,” Said Brigitte Khair Mountain, Senior Advisor and Head of Office of the UNHCR External Relations Hub in the GCC.

“The UNHCR External Relations Hub has endeavored to build strategic partnerships with the government authorities, civil society, humanitarian players and the private sector in the UAE to instigate the awareness and fundraising we need to find lasting solutions for refugee issues,” she continued.

The meeting was attended by some 50 participants including senior representatives of UNHCR, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, the International Humanitarian City under who’s umbrella the meeting was co-organized, as well as the UAE Foreign Aid Coordination Office OCFA, the UAE Red Crescent Authority and representatives of local NGO’s and UN agencies.

Makiya Al Hajiri, Head of the IHC said in turn: “As an international humanitarian and aid hub, the IHC continues to consolidate the efforts of all the organizations operating from the UAE by facilitating aid and relief efforts through services and facilities designed to meet their needs. We are here today at this unique gathering with the objective of creating more opportunities for joint cooperation and to contribute to achieving the humanitarian goals that we all have in common.”

The meeting also addresses national and international issues that could benefit from joint cooperation and coordination. The event co-organizers will continue to hold regular networking meetings periodically to foster continuous networking and dialogue, and enhance coordination efforts between the concerned humanitarian players in the UAE.