The International Humanitarian City (IHC) has sponsored Ramadan Aman/A Safe Ramadan this year, where Iftar meals were distributed daily to over 200,000 drivers across the seven emirates in the traffic junctions at Maghreb time, during the holy month of Ramadan.

In cooperation with Police Headquarters in the U.A.E., and several hundred volunteers, the campaign is an initiative of Ajman-based Al Ihsan Charity Association. Having started in 2012, the aim of the campaign is to help reduce road accidents due to excessive speeding caused by attempts to catch up with breaking fast time. The project promotes road safety and awareness, in addition to encouraging individuals and organizations to participate in community service and voluntary work.

In line with IHC’s commitment to engage its international community with local community activities, the Dubai-based global humanitarian hub is among the partner sponsors of this year’s Ramadan Aman. IHC members and staff have volunteered in the daily deed, distributing over 6,000 meals per day along with other volunteers, bringing together the international and local community for a common good.

“We are happy to support such a wonderful initiative in this blessed month, and bring together members of the international humanitarian community with our local community and familiarize them with the UAE’s spirit of care.” said IHC CEO Shaima Al Zarooni. “This is a great start for much collaboration to come with our partners at Al Ihsan Charity Association,” she added.