International Humanitarian City (IHC), the global humanitarian hub, has begun a new initiative that brings together the private sector and humanitarian organizations.

As part of its mandate to enable humanitarian efforts in the UAE, the IHC has begun a series of network meetings through which it aims to facilitate information exchange and potential partnerships between relevant private companies and IHC members that could use their services as part of humanitarian development.

On May 13th, IHC witnessed an important gathering that was led by UPS, the leading global courier company, which presented its logistics services and relevant activities in the humanitarian sector to IHC members. Logistics and shipping are important for IHC members, who need to provide fast and reliable relief across the globe from Dubai especially during emergencies.

UPS are aiming to leverage their “Corporate Foundation” while improving the performance of IHC members through offering logistics related solutions and building long term relationships. During the meeting, they gave background information on their logistics services, potential partnerships, and a reference framework for future cooperation.

Jeff McCorsting, Vice President of Freight Forwarding, Europe Middle East & Africa, commented, “The UPS Global Humanitarian Team are excited about this meeting at IHC and were happy to learn more about the unique position of IHC in the humanitarian world, to understand their strategy and to actually see the operations that are taking place here at IHC.”

Ms Makiya Al Hajiri, CEO of IHC, stressed on the value of business networking facilities and international humanitarian collaborations that IHC provides to its members to ensure humanitarian development.

The meeting was concluded with a site visit to the WFP warehouses, home to huge volumes of emergency stock piles and aid relief goods.